Visitor Grid .com is an Free Link Tracker / Free Traffic Tracker and Bot Management toolkit. We offer free link tracking / free traffic tracking, A/B testing url rotator (and many more features).

You can find more information about the product in our FAQ.

We are a long-established EU-based company, founded in year 2000. We deal in software production and e-commerce.
At present, we are focusing mostly on software platforms (SaaS) such as Visitor Grid.

Our Philosophy
We aim to empower our users and especially SME's. Our tools are designed mostly for small businesses and individual traders. Our products are built for our users first, and only second for profits. We build software with enjoyment and love.
We also believe in safety and compliance with laws and regulations. This reflects in our work.

Data storage
User data is safely stored in compliant EU datacenters. Data belonging to US users might be sometimes stored in US for performance reasons.

Our Software Products
Over the years we have served thousands of customers with software tools through various sites. We are currently working on a SaaS software network based on our proprietary technology, under our main Emsai brand, which includes Visitor Grid.

Privacy and GDPR
We are GDPR-compliant and keen on respecting user privacy and security. Please check our Privacy Policy for more information.
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